About Us

One Man’s Vision Started It All

Ataz Haus is the birthchild of visionary entrepreneur, Ryan Lee. Ryan has been in the real estate industry for more than 8 years, where he established a strong passion in interior design. He had always dreamt of creating different interior design themes; however, it is not easy to own multiple properties and sufficient resources to build these ideas. Hence, he thought of a feasible way to create these design concepts - incorporating them with the needs and desires of clients.

Realising the Dream

As the first step towards achieving his dream, Ryan established SG Wall Mart, a wallpaper company with a vision of becoming Singapore’s No. 1 provider of Korean wallpaper and murals. Upon achieving success and building a strong reputation with SG Wall Mart, Ryan proceeded to procure OMELIL (subsequently renamed as SG Floor Mart), a company which provides interior design and renovation services for residential HDB projects.

Birth of Ataz Haus

With a goal to offer creative interior design and high reliability renovation solutions to Singaporeans, Ryan eventually set up Ataz Haus by combining the resources from both SG Wall Mart and SG Floor Mart. Ryan strongly believes that everyone should be able to own an “Ataz Haus” if they want to.

Why Ataz Haus Should be Your Only Choice

We provide an extensive range of services to our clients, inclusive but not limited to:

Our Renovation Process

We take pride in providing the best for our clients,
therefore we take extensive measures to ensure that our clients are satisfied.


Have a discussion with us on your needs and desires. Hear our advice and decide whether to revise the plan. Upon mutual agreement, we will proceed to the next phase.


We will draft a 3D drawing according to our discussion. You will then decide whether the drawing is good to proceed or require further revision. Once the 3D drawings are confirmed, we will execute the construction.


We will begin construction after receiving the green light from you. Once the client is happy with the result, our job is complete!

Our Commitment

We treat our customers
with respect and honesty

The needs of our clients are our utmost priority in every project and task we undertake, making sure that there is a satisfied smile on their faces when their dream homes are transformed into reality.